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Classic beach/board short

Classic beach/board short

Adjustable iPad Stand, Tablet Stand Holders。

Classic beach/board short


Style No.: 54520

Fabric: micro-fiber 110g-120g


Size: 2-7 years

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Classic beach/board shorts



  • Waterproof  fabric 110g
  • High quality elastic waist
  • Eye catching color/print design
  • Inside mesh lining


In many categories, our prices are difficult to compete. Board/swim shorts are one of them. Our annual order of board short is nearly 1 million pieces, which is enough to illustrate our advantages. With our great wealth of experience and considerate services, we have now been recognized as a trustworthy supplier for lots of worldwide consumers for Factory Selling China Best Beach Short. We maintain timely delivery schedules, innovative designs, top quality and transparency for our buyers. Our aim is to supply quality goods inside of stipulated time.

Beach/Board shorts are a must-have product in summer, and each brand is fixed on the shelf. We have done it for many years, and have enough beach shorts production experience, and have controlled thproduction cost to the lowest. I can confidently say that our price is absolutely highly competitive,while ensuring the low price, we also ensure the quality and delivery time.The fabric of this style is micro fiber in 110g with thin coating, the purpose of this coating is to achieve waterproof effect. Many customers are worried that it will affect the hand feel and comfort of the fabric, but our fabric will not. Because we will control the thickness of the coating as thin as possible, which not only ensures the waterproof effect, but also maintains a good hand feel. High quality elastic waist design, comfortable shaping, not tight, wearing more casual and free. The whole garment is smooth and wrinkle free.  We choose eye-catching color and add mesh underwear inside,convenient, simple and practical. There is a small rubber badge on the trouser leg. The contrast waist rope has a full sense of detail.

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