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Classic Board short Hawaii series

Classic Board short Hawaii series

Adjustable iPad Stand, Tablet Stand Holders。

Classic Board short Hawaii series


Style No.: Hawaii series 60274

Fabric: micro-fiber 110g-120g

Size: 2-7 years / 7-14 years

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Classic Board Short Hawaii Series


  • All over print
  • Thin coating process

Beach shorts are the classic theme of summer clothing. When surfing on the beach in summer, the most matching with bikini is colorful beach shorts! Our beach shorts are generally made of waterproof and quick drying fabrics, and there is also a layer of mesh lining inside, which can well prevent sand and prevent the embarrassment of becoming transparent and tight after wetting. The color of beach shorts is bright. It's not only nice to take photos, but also a beautiful scenery on the beach. Our fabric is polyester in 100g, is the largest variety of synthetic fiber at present. Polyester fiber has a dense molecular structure, which can play a certain waterproof role and can play in the water. Beach shorts need to have the characteristics of small water absorption and quick drying, so waterproof and quick drying polyester fiber is the most commonly used fabric of beach pants.

We make many styles every year. This year's Hawaii theme is our most satisfactory products. We put a lot of effort into the design, we choose camouflage represents land, shark represents ocean, astronaut represents space, to express our love for the earth and the universe and Pay homage to our homeland. 
In many categories, our prices are difficult to compete. Board/swim shorts are one of them. Our annual order of board short is nearly 1 million pieces, which is enough to illustrate our advantages. With our great wealth of experience and considerate services, we have now been recognized as a trustworthy supplier for lots of worldwide consumers for Factory Selling China Best Beach Short. We maintain timely delivery schedules, innovative designs, top quality and transparency for our buyers. While ensuring the quality, we can also guarantee the delivery time. This is our advantage. We have been here to looking forward to cooperating with you.


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