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Best selling classic denim collection — Denim Jacket

Best selling classic denim collection — Denim Jacket

Adjustable iPad Stand, Tablet Stand Holders。

Fabric:100% cotton denim


Size: 2-7yeas / 7-14years / Women

Color: denim blue

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Best selling classic denim collection — Denim Jacket

Denims are our very confident products and one of our main products. We are doing OEM for nearly 20 years, and denim products account for a very high proportion of us. As for the price of fabrics and garment washing , we all have great price advantages in the market. So, please rest assured to place the denim products to us, we will strive to achieve better products than you expected.

I don’t need to say how classic denim products are, but they are too classic, so they are already in everyone’s wardrobe. How to make everyone keep freshness of it is the direction of our efforts. So we have been working hard on design, washing and pattern.

When this design draft came out, all of us were cheering. It was so beautiful, classic and fashionable. The expected denim jacket has finally coming out. We choose the current fabric from more than 10 kinds of fabrics. In addition to style and fabric, the most important thing about denim products is the washing effect. It can be said that washing is the soul of denim. The common washing methods are enzyme wash, stone wash, acid wash and snow wash. We repeated several times, and finally presents now effect. What we want is a retro gray blue tone,in fact, this color is difficult to wash,we should choose high-quality fabrics and excellent washing technology. So that the color is soft and has the taste of retro. It is still a style that is easy to wear from children to adults. If you want a fashionable, classic and timeless denim jacket, then this one must be the best one.

We can change the washing effect and other details according to the needs of customer. Please rest assured to place orders with us. We are a very experienced garment factory.

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