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Delicate girl’s coat series of Ostrich eco-friendly fur

Delicate girl’s coat series of Ostrich eco-friendly fur

Adjustable iPad Stand, Tablet Stand Holders。

Fabric:100% polyester Imitation ostrich hair


Size: 2-7yeas / 7-14years / Women

Color: yellow/pink/blue


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Delicate girl’s coat series of Ostrich eco-friendly fur


  • Environmental protection fake fur
  • Front invisible buckle
  • Two invisible side pockets
  • Comfortable lining of single jersey 

Since last year, we have been looking for special fabrics for girl’s project. Sameness is not what we want, our team of designer is always trying to find something more special, more comfortable, and more fashionable. Finally, this winter, we found this comfortable and stylish fabric,we called it Eco-friendly Ostrich fur. It has a very strong three-dimensional effect, hair texture and length is very layered. It’s got a lot of visual impact. Almost all designers are excited to see this fabric and love it. And almost the second they saw it and decided to use it.

We also work very hard and carefully in design. Because this fabric has given us too much visual impact,so In the design we adhere to the concept of the more simple the more advanced. We focus on the pattern, cutting and the proportion.The final product has perfect length and comfortable armhole.We only add two side pockets on it, and that it.

The design of this fur coat is very simple and fashionable. The simpler the style, the more attention should be paid to the details. First of all, from the selection of fabrics, we strictly selected the imitation ostrich fur with special effects, making the whole dress look very fashionable and marvelous. We also make the size from children to the adult,to meet the needs of all ages. In terms of color, we chose warm yellow with high saturation, which is especially suitable for autumn and winter. In addition, we choose to use hidden buckle at the front opening, which makes the coat particularly high-level and beautiful. We can also choose whether to add side pockets according to customers’ needs.

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