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Centennial Classic Corduroy Element Casual Jacket

Centennial Classic Corduroy Element Casual Jacket

Adjustable iPad Stand, Tablet Stand Holders。

Centennial Classic Corduroy Element Casual Jacket


Fabric:16 wales corduroy

Size:7-14 years


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Centennial Classic Corduroy Element Casual Jacket



  • Exquisite tack button
  • Teddy fleece lining
  • Side entry pocket


With the trend of retro fashion in the fashion circle becoming more and more fierce, those "grandma level" fashion elements that were once considered rustic by us have "salted fish turned over". At the international T-stage show this autumn and winter, corduroy with its own retro DNA is the most powerful. Even all kinds of star trendsetters have been turned into fans one after another, and its fashion degree has become the screen bully of street photography in major fashion weeks. What is the origin of this corduroy with its own retro literary style?


 In fact, the English word of corduroy comes from French, which means "cloth that can be worn by kings". At first, it was used as a special fabric for royal families, and later it became a special fabric for European royal families and nobles. Ordinary civilians were not qualified to wear corduroy in that era. It was not until the 1960s and 1970s that corduroy, which had been silent for a long time, rose again and became the iconic clothing material at that time. It also broke through the shackles of "exclusive use by the royal family" and became a fabric that can be "happy for all". When we were young, corduroy was also called corduroy, which can be divided into wide corduroy and fine corduroy. At that time, if we had a corduroy coat or trousers, it would be very fashionable

We now have received loaded practical encounter in producing and managing for Corduroy products, Now we have experienced manufacturing facilities with extra than 300 employees. So we could guarantee short lead time and high quality assurance.

This corduroy coat has a bit of vintage flavor.Our insist on lessen selling prices,dynamic sales team,specialized QC,solid factories,high quality services for customer 20 Years.Because of our persistence, we have achieved very accurate cost control. Therefore, in many categories, our prices are difficult to compete. 

Corduroy is a very popular retro element this year, especially the wide corduroy. The clothing effect is very good and the three-dimensional sense is strong. It is very suitable for autumn and winter products. We started from the color, made a low saturation of pink skin, but also increased the sense of retro. This year, we have made adult jacket style with this style of fabric, which has great effect and is very popular.

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